Suzy Fasht makes paintings using imagery from the natural world working in Watercolour, Oil and Egg Tempera.  The different qualities of each paint means a different method will be used yet the main theme that currently runs through all the work is a concern to balance the tangled chaotic aspect of nature with its inherent pattern, harmony and symmetry.  Nature's precarious balance, loss of native wildflowers and insects is also the subject, as is a feeling for the preciousness of the overlooked more modest plants to be found in our hedgerows and growing in between our pavements.


The transparency and looseness of watercolour is utilised to produce overlapping shapes and lines which reflect the organic way the painting is constructed. Whereas egg tempera requires a more methodical approach: paint is hand made by mixing egg yolk with powder pigment, tiny brushstrokes of paint are then built up in layers on a smooth gessoed panel to produce vibrant colour. In this case the composition needs to be planned from the outset.

Oil paint is different again and offers the opportunity to work larger and freer, sometimes working out the composition during the painting process and working directly from observation.